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Free Mini Workbook

Exuberant wholeness + dynamic balance in motion for busy parents ready to ditch the pie chart of conventional “life balance.” Let’s shake off the mama guilt + try on new perspectives. Free digital workbook for e-letter members.

Tiny Pockets of Time

How to do a little each day to get a lot done.
(an upcoming e-course) Make space for that creative problem that you’re longing to finally start… or finish. Amaze yourself with how much you can do in daily tiny pockets of time.


Do you have a project or goal that’s stuck? Let’s figure it out and get you moving on what matters. Two one-on-one coaching sessions in which you get clear on what’s holding you back, what lights you up and how you’ll transform your ideas + insights into real-world action.

Busy Parents

What would you make if you made more time? Help + support in playful productivity + getting your projects into the world… with a parenting-oriented twist. My coaching can help busy parents striving to create + get things done… while lovingly raising kiddos. You don’t have to wait till they’re older.

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