Dear Busy Parent,

Some days being a parent is joyous + fulfilling. Other days, it feels a lot like banging your head into the wall, while stepping barefoot on a Lego, with a lot of screaming in the background… some of it possibly yours.

Not for the faint of heart… but then, I’ve never met a parent with a faint heart. Our hearts radiate strength + love. Even on the tough days, when we’re so mired in crap (symbolic or literal) that it’s hard to see our own light, we keep going.

Parents face unique challenges in making time for our non-family priorities.

Huge swathes of our time + energy go into caring for our families: spending time with our children, planning and preparing things they need, managing a household, perhaps being employed or running a business.

And rightfully so that we give so much: our families need us. There is tremendous value in family time, and often great happiness as well.

Yet the demands can feel very heavy. They can feel all-consuming. They can feel like you have very little left for other things.

Heck, the demands can suck up all the adulting we have in us until there’s nothing left and it’s time to go to bed. And then tomorrow? Time to do it again.

Spoiler: parents are people too.

We need rest, fun + connection. We crave a sense of fulfillment. We long to know that we are doing things that make a difference, beyond the precious work of raising amazing small people and taking care of the basics.

What part of your life, your self, is calling out for more space + support?

What do you want to show up for, and how can you make it happen? What would it look like to make time for more of your most meaningful work + play?

I’m a parent and I get the unique challenges that parents often face when we try to decide where our time + energy go. I have a free workbook for you about just this challenge that I’d love to share with you.

I also bring my perspective as a parent into coaching sessions, too. So if you are struggling to balance your parenting with your creative work, I hope you stick aroundmy work is truly for you, too.

Keep on keeping on, comrade! And let me know if I can help. I know it can be tough sometimes.

And I also know that you’ve got this.

Wishing you joy,