Playful Productivity

Playful productivity is the art of uncovering the ways that you can love to get things done.

It’s the practice of getting serious about having fun while you work– so you can hang out in your natural state of flow and bring your best self out into the world. And do the creative work that matters most.

It’s about devotion, energy + time.

Simply spending time on your work sounds easy, but it often isn’t. Even with good intentions, we can always find reasons to put other things first.

Playful productivity is about tapping into what inspires you most about your work + play, and truly showing up for that. Dedicating time + energy to what you value most, over and over again. Forming powerful new habits. Saying yes to some things, and no to many others.

Creative work needs space + effort to unfold, resources which only you can give. Over time, these everyday choices about what to give begin to add up. What would you like to emerge from your choices… and how can you make that happen?

You may have outer blocks… tools, systems + processes that aren’t functioning– or are missing.

Playful productivity is about focusing on getting organized enough to make what you want to make, without letting the organization process take over and feel inorganic to you.

It’s easy to spend a lot of time improving your systems, or make them the enemy, or get so overwhelmed by the choices available that you ignore your systems. Or maybe you don’t really have any systems and just do it all on the fly.

Tools are important. But of course, your tools are the means and not the end. They need to be powerful enough to do their job… and they need to be as simple as possible, but not simpler.

So you can stop fiddling with them or avoiding them or fighting them, and really get to work.

You might have inner blocks too.

Playful productivity is about noticing the challenges that arise from within. When time management challenges begin to fall away, that’s often just when our worst habits + self-sabotage become easier to see.

It can feel like a huge setback because you just got so many things figured out. But it’s actually okay. Making space for these challenges to show up clearly actually helps us work through them… so you can do more of your best creative work.

As a playful productivity coach, my job is to help you…
  • Clarify your real priorities + values— because our creative work happens in the ecosystem of all the things that matter to us.
  • Identify your most vital goals + projects— because if everything is your top priority, nothing is truly your top priority.
  • Get to the root of what’s getting in the way— really look straight into the invisible stuckness that’s blocking your progress… and glimpse what might be on the other side.
  • Experiment with + evolve the systems you use to manage your time + energy— with the knowledge that your goals will shift from day to day, and the structures that best serve you will shift as you grow—and that’s not only normal, it’s completely okay.
  • Shift your perspective around self-nourishment + rest— so that you can rest, play, create, move your body, challenge your mind, and unplug from the day without regret.
Playful productivity is about choosing on purpose, experimenting with how to work, and showing up again + again.

Because whatever you want to create? I believe it’s important. And I believe you can do it. And I’d like to help if you want support in bringing more playful productivity into your life.

Want to to get started? Here’s what I offer to support you in one-on-one playful productivity work:

Playful Productivity Jumpstart

A brisk infusion of inspiration, exploration, planning and action– for ideas that need a big jolt of love and some fresh perspective.

In 2 coaching sessions over the phone, you will get your specific project unstuck, turn a goal into a plan, or figure out how to finally make time for something. We’ll delve deep into whatever you need to move your idea forward and emerge with tangible action steps.

Through the lens of working through one specific challenge, you’ll uncover clues that will help you begin to find + claim your own unique style of playful productivity.

  • 1 x 60-minute telephone session to shape a new plan and swing into motion
  • 1 x 45-minute telephone session 2-6 weeks later: to tweak, troubleshoot and dream about what’s next
  • Sessions can be scheduled on weekday late mornings/early afternoons (Pacific time.)
  • Email support between sessions and for 4 weeks afterwards.
  • Cost: $250

Ready to sign up? Sign up now and you’ll receive an email with a link to my calendar to schedule your sessions.

Playful Productivity Adventure

A journey through uncovering your own style of playful productivity and setting yourself up for more creative flow. (for returning clients)

In an ongoing coaching process, you will clarify your creative goals, practice fierce prioritizing, set up systems + processes to support yourself… and begin to address the inner blocks to doing your work that often arise when your system + processes start to get streamlined.

We’ll take a big-systems look at how you work, and we’ll use your individual projects as learning labs… moving them forward while uncovering new ways to work.

  • 2 telephone coaching sessions per month (minimum 4 months)
  • 1 x 75-minute telephone session to get started, followed by 45-minute sessions thereafter
  • Sessions can be scheduled on weekday late mornings/early afternoons (Pacific time.)
  • Email support between sessions and for 3 months afterwards.
  • Cost: $200/month: minimum 4 months

Ready to sign up? Let’s set up a free 30-minute call. We’ll chat about your goals + questions + next steps.

I needed time management help BAD! During my coaching with Thekla, I went from feeling anxious and stressed to feeling like I know what I can handle. I’ve set up a new time management system—unique to me and my needs—that allows me to see what I want to do, what I need to do, and when I have time to do it. I think the systems that we put into place during our coaching relationship will help me for a long, long time.

Michelle Ward

It is a true gift when a short amount of time spent with someone can lead to such enormous and life-balancing results. Thekla brought that to me through perceptive guidance and constant support. We worked as a team to sift out the stressors and make way for me to carve out new room for the things and people I love and enjoy in life!

L in Glen Ellyn, IL

I hired Thekla to help me with my transition from corporate manager to entrepreneur. Thekla has helped me break unproductive habits and think differently about my relationship to tasks, the decision making process, and the time I spend on work. I highly recommend her services for anyone who is taking on a personal or professional transition and recognizes they need support so they can achieve the results they want throughout their journey.

Tracy Brisson