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Hello + welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

I’m a writer and a playful productivity coach.

Right now I’m writing children’s books about outer space and magic. I also blog about creativity, productivity, writing, and the challenges of life as a busy parent.

As a coach, I support folks who are ready to jumpstart their creative projects and need help getting started or unstuck. I’ll also be unveiling my e-course, Tiny Pockets of Time, in the fall.

I can be found in the wild singing along with my ukulele, soaking up the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and drinking coffee… lots and lots of coffee. Come grab a mug of your own and stay awhile, if you’d like.

On the blog…

The Allure of Self-Interruption

I once read an article about how many times per minute or hour a small child attempts to get attention from their caregiver. I remember being appalled at the high number, which I think amounted to several times per minute on average when the child is awake. I tried to...

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Showing Up on Bumpy Days

“Never goes smooth. How come it never goes smooth?” -Captain Mal Reynolds, Firefly That’s the line I often think to myself when something breaks, someone has a fever, something was forgotten, someone makes a huge mess, someone turns a series of should-be-fast tasks...

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Feeding My Creativity with Hobbies I’m Bad At

I am a creator, and my core creative work-- writing and coaching-- matters to me tremendously. I want each coaching session I show up for, each piece of writing that wings its way into the world, to be as amazing as I know how to make it. And I aspire to always grow +...

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