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Hello + welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

I’m a writer and a playful productivity coach.

Right now I’m writing children’s fantasy middle grade books. I also blog about creativity, productivity, writing, and the challenges of life as a busy parent.

As a coach, I support folks who are ready to jumpstart their creative projects, develop an ongoing creative practice that works for them, and get stuck projects moving forward again. I’ll also be unveiling my e-course, Tiny Pockets of Time, as soon as it’s ready.

When not tapping away at the keyboard, I can be found singing along with my ukulele, soaking up the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, chasing my children through parks, reading like I’m running out of time, and drinking coffee… lots and lots of coffee. Come grab a mug of your own and stay awhile, if you’d like. I’m glad you’re here.

On the blog…

The Meaning in the Mess

Every large writing project I’ve written has gone through at least one messy chrysalis phase. Rewriting has commenced, entropy’s doing its gleeful dance, and everything I wrote has been changed up so much that it’s dissolving into utter chaos. When I’m in that...

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The Allure of Self-Interruption

I once read an article about how many times per minute or hour a small child attempts to get attention from their caregiver. I remember being appalled at the high number, which I think amounted to several times per minute on average when the child is awake. I tried to...

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Showing Up on Bumpy Days

“Never goes smooth. How come it never goes smooth?” -Captain Mal Reynolds, Firefly That’s the line I often think to myself when something breaks, someone has a fever, something was forgotten, someone makes a huge mess, someone turns a series of should-be-fast tasks...

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