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I write + coach about finding your own style of playful productivity, prioritizing your creative work, and the challenges of life as a busy parent. I can also be found working on my Space Fairy Kids book series, singing along with my ukulele, soaking up the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and drinking coffee… lots of coffee. Come grab a mug of your own and stay awhile, if you’d like.

On the blog…

Creating This Holiday Season

I’m creating… Memories with my family… by mindfully + lovingly putting time + energy into the small rituals that we do each year. Messes, because memories usually make those… and that is okay. Time for some cleaning + organizing… because a chaotic house stresses me...

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What I Learned By Writing Every Day

I’m usually all about daily practices. Yet for some reason, for years I did not commit to an ongoing daily writing practice. I wrote 2-3 times per week, generally. For a while, that felt like enough. But a children’s book about space fairies was demanding to be...

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The Trickiness of Two

Ever since BabyK was born, I’ve been struggling with something I’d heard about from other parent friends and from some of my playful productivity coaching clients. The struggle is the overlay of logistics for multiple kids on top of whatever other logistics I manage...

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What could you make if you made more time? Find your own form of playful productivity.