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Hello + welcome!

I’m Thekla, a children’s writer and creativity blogger.

When not working on my middle grade fantasy novels or updating my blog, I can be found taking care of my kids, strumming my ukulele, baking sourdough bread, and drinking coffee… lots and lots of coffee. Come grab a mug of your own and stay awhile, if you like. I’m glad you’re here.



On the blog…

I Promise I’ll Write Today

My 9-year-old, pointedly: You're going to work on your WRITING while we're at my class today, right? Me, sheepishly: Um... yeah, I probably should. 9yo: You need to write more. You aren't writing enough. I miss reading your drafts. Me: Okay, I promise I'll write...

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“Do you still play?” asked Steve Einhorn, my former ukulele teacher. He was in town with his wife Kate Power, and we were catching up a bit before their concert began. “Oh yes,” I said. “I love my uke. But I don’t think I’ve made any progress since you last heard me....

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As a writer, and as a creative person generally, I’ve found that having enough space is vital. Around us, the default is to fill things up to the tippy-top and overflowing. So I treasure… Open space on my desk. Oh so tempting to set more things upon it, but ideally I...

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