I Promise I’ll Write Today

My 9-year-old, pointedly: You’re going to work on your WRITING while we’re at my class today, right?

Thekla, a woman with red hair, writing at a table with a slight smile.

Me, sheepishly: Um… yeah, I probably should.

9yo: You need to write more. You aren’t writing enough. I miss reading your drafts.

Me: Okay, I promise I’ll write today.

9yo, sternly: Good.

He’s right. After all, I have a 75,000-word goal for 2020, and it’s not going to write itself. And a story is calling my name. Sometimes it calls so softly that I need a kick in the pants to remember that I should be listening.

What are your goals for the year? What creative voice is calling for more of you? What can you do TODAY?

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