Hello. I’m Thekla.

This is the story of how one unicorn-obsessed girl became a a children’s writer, a playful productivity coach, and a busy creative mama.

It all started with my beloved unicorn, Henrietta. (Because stuffed animals can be the wisest of mentors for would-be heroines). When my sisters and I were little, and we were supposed to be asleep, I used to tell them stories in the dark: epic tales of the doings of Henrietta’s long-ago unicorn ancestors, often with tragic endings.

Then, around the time of my ninth birthday, I found a dusty old copy of a book called The Magic of Thinking Big. When I first read about setting audacious goals and making them happen, I grew wildly excited and decided to set a big goal of my own. I was going to write a book about the unicorns.

Eighty handwritten pencil pages and two years later, I had my first completed manuscript. There were quests, magic spells, love affairs, betrayals, tragic deaths and convenient suspensions of the laws of physics. I still have that old spiral notebook to smile (and cringe) over. And I still have Henrietta too— floppy, shabby and very much Velveteen-Rabbit-Real. My journey through writing after that has had its twisty turns, but part of me still roots into the passion of that very first major story-telling project.

These days, I’m writing a lot less about unicorns than I did at at age nine. But that’s only because I’m writing about space fairies + dragon pirates instead. I’m currently hard at work on my children’s writing projects.

I’m still fascinated by goals and making them happen, too. My other area of work is playful productivity: the art of making time + finding energy for more of the work that matters most… and setting up just-right-for-you tools + structures to support the goals of creative people.

I also have a very personal perspective on the struggles of my fellow busy parents. Having children honestly turned all my notions about productivity + time management upside-down, sideways and every other angle you could imagine– and I believe I emerged the wiser for it, if more sleep-deprived than I’d expected.

So that’s me… writing + coaching + parenting here in Seattle. With a ukulele kicking around somewhere nearby and lots of coffee at my elbow. I hope you stick around + let me get to know you, too.

Wishing you joy,

Five things about me:

1. I listen to all kinds of music, but lately you can always find lots of classic 90s alt-rock on my playlist. (Next month it might back to Solas, the Indigo Girls, Baba Olatunji, or something new.)

2. I am in love with my ukulele… and just okay-ish at playing it… and that is just fine with me. The simple chords lift me up so I can sing from the heart. And when I sing I feel at one with something powerful + right in the world.

3. I believe in laughing with my problems, whenever I possibly can. It doesn’t solve everything, but it can help– even when my jokes are dark, laughing opens me to possibility + perspective + paradox.

4. My children are the delight of my heart… and they remind me of what truly matters most. Plus, they can always be relied upon to keep things interesting.

5. My devotion to the coffee bean runs deep, but my body insisted I switch to decaf. Sometimes I wonder about this whole getting older deal. But as they say, it beats the alternative.

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