Coming in 2018.
I want to live in a world where everyone can find time to do the things that matter most to our hearts.

Yes, even when we have super-busy lives and the needs of a family to meet.

When you’re a wildly busy parent, it’s easy to narrow your focus to getting more stuff done. To put your energies into just getting through the day. Or to always strive towards becoming more efficient at work, household management, putting food on the table, doing enriching + fun stuff for your kids… with little time available for anything else. Except to collapse at the end of the day and occasionally get out for a date or a moms’ night out.

But how often do you find time + energy to do the other things that matter most to you?

Not the work stuff or the family stuff or even the oft-touted “self-care” you need, but the deeper + wilder YOU stuff… the big ambitions + creative hobbies + glowing passions that somehow slip off your to-do’s… or languish at the bottom of the list, a niggling reminder of what you want to do but are struggling to find room for.

I want to empower you to steadily + persistently make progress on just one personal project… by mindfully creating space for it in the life you already have.

Tiny Pockets of Time is not about project planning or lifehacking. It’s about reaching into your heart to connect with something important to you, and making space for it in your life… a little bit each day.

Dedicating a small amount of time each day to a project is not a new idea. However, I’ve found that most of the resources that suggest this pursuit don’t delve into the nitty-gritty details of how you consistently make that time.

That’s why I’ve created Tiny Pockets of Time.

Tiny Pockets of Time was previously released as a workbook for a limited time. Its next life begins in September 2017, when a newly updated version will be released in e-course format. Like the workbook, the Tiny Pockets of Time e-course will guide + support busy parents who want to make daily time for their creative projects and move forward their dreams (big + small).

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