A Busy Mama’s Life Balance Manifesto

A balanced life is a life lived by your own values and priorities… not someone else’s.

A balanced life is a life in which you take time to deeply nurture yourself… so that you have that much more abundance to share out to the world.

A balanced life is full of love, given and received without keeping score.

A balanced life is a life in which most of the gifts you give to others on a day-to-day basis come easily, without resentment or a sense of pressure.

A balanced life is a life in which you love yourself too and act on that love… without guilt.


Photo by Benson Kua, Creative Commons License.

A balanced life is supported by taking good care of yourself… but that doesn’t mean you won’t challenge or push yourself to the edges of your endurance at times.

A balanced life is a life of fully conscious choices… some of which are neither safe nor easy, some of which are less exciting than they might be.

A balanced life is a life where you are aware of how you use your time and energy and how you want to be using them… so that you work and play and rest with intention.

A balanced life gives time and energy to the full wild diversity of what matters to you… but doesn’t necessarily allow you to give equal attention to every thing each day, week or month.

A balanced life is full of many emotional states… it’s not always peaceful and serene, nor always free of stress, struggle or overwhelm.

A balanced life is full of passionate excitement and also the most mundane of daily tasks… sometimes separately, sometimes at the same time.

A balanced life is imperfect at times… just like everything else in this world. Life is organic, after all, and this remains a messy world.

A balanced life looks different for everyone because we all have such different needs and desires… there’s no simple one-size-fits-all solution.

A balanced life is dynamic and ever-evolving, growing and changing as you grow and change, constantly being re-created… not a static thing that you achieve just once and then have only to maintain.

It’s not the balance of two objects of equal weight sitting on a scale. It’s the balance in movement that a trapeze artist or a tightrope walker finds, a balance of sweeping motion and constant shifting adjustments and adventure.

It’s not about never falling down or being pulled too far in one direction for a while. It’s about having the roots and foundation laid down so firmly that you can confidently trust in your ability to heal and regain your footing no matter what.

What does, or might someday, your balanced life look like? How do you model life balance to your children?

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