True for Me Now

My spirit, my body, my marriage, my child and my business are not in competition for my resources. Even though it can be hard to see the big picture in the moment, each sphere and role can feed and support all the others.

Modified from an original image by Anders Sandberg, Creative Commons License.

Image by Anders Sandberg, Creative Commons License.

When I am in this dynamic dancing balance, I know. When I’ve lost my footing, I also know. Both states are inevitable. Both states are okay.

I strive to be a better mama all the time. I believe that I am enough, just as I am, showing up for my child.

Structure supports spontaneity. Spontaneity shapes structure. Usually I lean into structure gratefully and warmly. Often I gently nudge structures to keep them attuned to our organic growth. Sometimes I merrily tell structure to go take the day off. And very very occasionally I tell it to go fuck itself. But it’s always there for me to return to, as a way to create more day-to-day ease by increasing flow and rightening rhythms.

It’s okay that things from the past still hurt sometimes.

Inertia lies not only in stillness but in movement. Cycles of nourishment reinforce themselves– and need support. Cycles of sabotage reinforce themselves as well– and need redirection.

From picnics to potty-training, everything is more fun if we say it’s an adventure. I see LittleA’s face light up when I ask him if he wants to adventure with me. Play is serious business. For both of us.

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