Dancing Forward

This week, I was good to myself by going to a yoga class…. the second time I’ve gone to this particular class, returning after trying it out last week. I can’t remember the last time I went to a class like this.

I am pretty sure that it was before LittleA was born. I want to add some kind of creative class around music, drumming or dancing, but nothing I’ve looked at has quite felt right. In November, a singing class that sounds inspiring will start up again. I might give it a try.

I was not good to myself in terms of stretching my body between last Thursday and this Thursday. I need to commit to something so easy I have no excuse not to do it. Even 5 minutes per day sounds like too much to promise. I don’t like to admit that, but it’s true.

I seriously might make a commitment to do one world music song’s worth per day and do it right after LittleA goes to bed. I had grand ideas about dancing with him. He likes to dance, but every time I try he starts pulling on my skirt or pants and whining, even when I try to engage his interest in dancing too. I think he doesn’t like it because my head is too far above his. Dancing with a twenty-five-pound weight on me is too hard on my back right now, and dancing while kneeling or sitting down doesn’t do much for me.

So I guess I’m back to finding time for this when he is not around. I have to start really small when I experience this much resistance to changing my habits.

Even though LittleA is now in daycare four afternoons per week as of a few weeks ago, I still have little time to spare, like all the other parents I know. Most of that daycare time is purposed in very specific ways for the household or my coaching business. I love having more time for focused work of all kinds, and I love all the special time I still share with Little A in the mornings and full days we are together. I’m nearly as busy, but I’m doing different things. Despite how much I’m doing, I feel an amazing sense of spaciousness around time that I haven’t felt for… well, about sixteen months.

What do you do to nurture yourself?

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