31 Ways My Toddler Helps Me Nurture My Inner Artist

My toddler is a great creative playmate and teacher. Here’s a snapshot of some of the things I’m grateful to be learning or doing with him:

  1. Enjoying bright colors
  2. Playing mama’s drum together
  3. Noticing my assumptions about the world
  4. Learning how to be more flexible
  5. Taking delight in the small things
  6. Scribbling with crayons
  7. Laughing because the other person is laughing
  8. Getting dirty
  9. Remembering that every object can be a toy
  10. Trusting my intuition
  11. Examining my impulse to say no
  12. Blowing bubbles
  13. Exuding enthusiasm and praise for the smallest successes
  14. Exploring textures
  15. Choosing to be in the present moment
  16. Walking barefoot on the grass or sand
  17. Forgetting about making a mess
  18. Acting on impulse
  19. Saying hi to all the dogs and cats on the block every day
  20. Talking to strangers
  21. Remembering how to be fully process-oriented
  22. Dancing wildly around the living room
  23. Taking naps
  24. Learning how to meditate or exercise in 5-minute chunks
  25. Learning and singing new children’s songs
  26. Making up new silly lyrics on the spot for familiar melodies
  27. Following the giggles
  28. Rediscovering creative potential in everyday objects like boxes and paper
  29. Figuring out how to make weird noises of all kinds
  30. Appreciating the creativity inherent in chaos
  31. Daydreaming

How do you and your child share creative joy? What do you learn from playing with your kid?

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