Shifting Out of Overwhelm: Ten Simple+ Soulful Ideas

If you are feeling overwhelmed, it can be hard to start taking steps towards simplifying your life and charging it up with more tranquility + fun. Here are some simple, gentle ideas that can get you started on the journey, from my own blog archives.

Don’t try to do all of them at once. Choose a small change or two that resonates, and start doing it… today.

Because shifting from overwhelm to happiness, like all journeys, begins with a choice + a few small steps. And you get to proceed at just the pace you choose. Every stage of the journey is okay, even if you get stuck at times and even take the occasional step backwards or sideways. Keep going; it’s worth it. You can’t do happiness wrong. (And by the way… I totally believe in you!)

Ten Soulful Sanity Ideas Just for You

1. Do something nice for yourself every day… in just 15 minutes.

2. Create one tiny corner of space that is restful for your eyes + arranged just as you like… and help that oasis slowly expand outwards.

3. Create a list of things that help you recharge when you’re tired.

4. Find tiny ways to embrace peace in the moment throughout your day.

5. Create a calming + nurturing bedtime routine… for yourself!

6. Get in the habit of saying yes only when it’s right for you.

7. Get some things you don’t really want to do off your to-do list.

8. Create spaciousness in your time with the magic of a mindful calendar.

9. Redefine what balance looks like.

10. Celebrate what you are doing right as a parent.

Choice and Action

What small change calls you the most in your journey to a less-stressed life? What is one small thing you can do today to move forward with making that change happen for yourself?

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